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Liz Rainbow

Tags: 4K, KO Fetish, Catfight Fetish, Female Wrestling, Clothing Destruction, Nudity Once again, Liz Rainbow is late to work. Her boss, Natalia Forrest is getting annoyed and when Liz gives her the same old lame excuse about her lateness being a result of the trains. Whilst Liz is very apologetic, this is becoming a bit of a habit and Natalia decides she needs a lesson Added: March 21, 2019 5.15mins

Penny Lee

Tags: 4K, Office Setting, KO Ending, Lesdom, Clothing Destruction, Catfights, Female Wrestling It seems that Fiona Jane's new lipstick has suspiciously gone missing and it also seems, coincidentally, that Penny Lee is wearing the exact same colour lipstick. Has Penny, perhaps, by mistake, taken Fiona's new lipstick? Fiona suspects as much and accuses Penny of nicking it Added: March 14, 2019 4.26mins

Sophia Delane

Tags: 4K, Blondes, Brunettes, Lesdom, Female Wrestling, Catfight, Clothing Destruction, Nudity New office boss Sophia Delane rubs her recent promotion in Frankie's face, laughing sarcastically whilst telling Frankie that she is just jealous. Frankie suspects her promotion is something to do with the fact that she flirts tirelessly with the boss and perhaps it was time to teach her a little lesson in humility Added: March 7, 2019 4.54mins

Full Price

Tags: 4K, Blondes, Brunettes, Catfight, Clothing Destruction, KO Ending It seems the two girls have a difference. Satine Sparks accuses Faye Taylor of having slept with the guy Satine has had her eye on for some time. Faye has no idea what the dumb blonde bitch is going on about but things get heated when Satine reaches out, grabs and tears open Faye's button up satin blouse...shocked she reacts angrily Added: February 28, 2019 4.37mins


Tags: 4K, Blondes, Brunettes, Catfight Fetish, KO Ending, Lesdom, Clothing Destruction It seems Stephanie, the Wages Clerk, has messed up Alicia's wages once again and now, it was all getting a bit tedious and Alicia is starting to suspect that the so called wages clerk is doing it maliciously so she approaches Stephanie and challenges her. Either Stephanie is incapable of simple tasks or she is being a little nasty Added: February 21, 2019 5.17mins

Helen Stephens

Tags: 4K, Bedroom Setting, Catfights, KO Ending, Female Wrestling, Clothing Destruction, Lesdom Ivy Rain is incensed. She is about to go to bed when she sees that her so called best friend and flat mate, Helen Stephens, is wearing the new Pajamas that Ivy's boyfriend bought for her. Helen doesn't see what all the fuss is about and tells Ivy to relax, they are only a pair of pajamas !! Added: February 14, 2019 4.14mins

ENF Zoe Page and Ariel

Tags: 4K, Uniforms, ENF, Catfight Fetish, KO Fetish, Office Setting Officers Ariel Andersson and Zoe Page are from competing services and they both think the service they come from is so much better than the others. They have both completed today's training course on 'How to Compromise by Deception' and they both have their first assignment Added: February 7, 2019 6.48mins

Jump The Q

Tags: 4K, Blondes, Brunettes, Catfight Fetish, KO Ending, Lesdom, Clothing Destruction Alicia and Stephanie are both waiting for their scheduled job interview appointments but Stephanie needs to be somewhere so she approaches Alica, who is due in before her, and asks if it's possible for Stephanie to jump the queue and to go before Alicia. It's a bit of cheek and Alica politely says no but it's not that easy! Added: January 31, 2019 4.55mins

Ariel Anderssen

Tags: 4K, Kitchen Setting, KO Fetish, Lesdom, Catfight Fetish, Clothing Destruction The saying 'too many cooks spoil the broth' is apt here as Zoe Page and Ariel Anderssen keep getting in each others way in the kitchen. The guests have arrived and Ariel is trying to put the finishing touches to her canapes but Zoe's meddling hands are making Ariel more and more frustrated...and a little bit angry it seems Added: January 24, 2019 4.08mins

Fawcett Industries

Tags: Brunettes, Blondes, KO Ending, Catfights, Clothing Destruction, Lesdom Human Resources Manager at Fawcett Industries is processing applications for the promotion but before she can tell the person who has gotten the promotion, she has to tell all those that applied, that failed and one of those is Amber Jayne. Clearly she wasn't suitable, she was obnoxious and rejected Added: January 17, 2019 8.18mins

Nurse Ivy

Tags: 4K, Catfights, KO Ending, Female Wrestling, Clothing Destruction, Lesdom Nurse Ivy had just gotten home, she had had a foul day on the ward at the hospital and the last thing she needed was her tart of a neighbor coming knocking, bitching and moaning about the fact that she thinks Ivy's car has rolled into hers, causing damage. Ivy ttries to talk her way out of this tricky situation Added: January 10, 2019 4.30mins

Zoe Page

Tags: 4K, KO Fetish, Lesdom, Catfight Fetish, Clothing Destruction, Pantyhose Zoe Page is happy to see her friend, Ariel Anderssen visiting. Ariel exclaims how she is amazed that it seems, since Zoe has moved into town, everyone has been wanting to see her and Ariel knows exactly why Zoe has been inundated with visits and it seems that Zoe has been flirting with the wrong people and now she must pay Added: January 3, 2019 4.50mins

Amber Jayne

Tags: 4K, Brunettes, Blondes, KO Ending, Catfights, Clothing Destruction, Lesdom It seems both Lucy Alexandra & Amber Jayne, two bitchy work colleagues, both have their eye on the new therapist but it seems one of them has beaten the other to getting a date with him. To the victor, the spoils and to the loser, the humiliation but it seems Lucy wont take rejection easily at all Added: December 27, 2018 4.52mins

Danni Marie

Tags: 4K, Catfight, Clothing Destruction, KO Ending, Lesdom Office boss Danni Marie is unhappy with Lola Rae's performance so it's just as well Lola is on a temporary contract. It's time to let poor Lola go so Danni calls her to the office to break the bad news but Lola does not take too kindly to the fact that she is asked to leave with immediate effect and reacts in the only way she knows how to Added: December 20, 2018 5.35mins


Tags: 4K, Catfight Fetish, female Wrestling, Clothing Destruction, KO Ending The two house mates had an agreement with on the off street parking, it was more desirable to park close to the property so they had originally agreed to share the parking slots on alternate days but it seemed that Holly Kiss didn't think this was important. She was always home first so why not park there if the pace was available Added: December 13, 2018 4.11mins


Tags: 4K, Lesdom, Female Wrestling, Catfight, ENF, Nudity The hit woman is in the shower when the spy breaks into her house. Her mission is to gather as much information on the hit woman as possible so she sees an opportune moment but is blissfully unaware when the hit woman exits the bathroom wrapped in a towel. The hit woman see's whats going on and humiliates the Spy by pulling her knickers down Added: December 6, 2018 3.31mins

Tindra Frost

Tags: 4K, Locker Room, Catfights, Clothing Destruction, Office Catfight, Lesdom, KO Ending Imagine going to work wanting to make an impression with the office boss, with a short, low cut, cleavage revealing dress hoping to get all his attention..and then finding your office rival is wearing the exact same dress! A confrontation between Lucy Lauren and Tindra Frost in the locker room ensues Added: November 29, 2018 4.58mins


Tags: 4K, Redheads, Brunettes, Catfight Fetish, Clothing Destruction, Female Wrestling, KO Ending Affluent Emma Rose is disgusted to see that her high class gym is now letting in people from the rough part of town. She objects to the presence of the new woman and urges her to leave the gym and find another, less expensive, upmarket gym to exercise. naturally this demand is not met kindly - Added: November 22, 2018 3.36mins

Lola Rae

Tags: 4K, Catfight Fetish, female Wrestling, Clothing Destruction, KO Ending Holly Kiss is hugely disappointed that Lola has not cleaned her room and this is getting beyond a joke. It seems Lola has total disregard for Holly's instructions and Lola simply think Holly is being boring in her demands. Holly decides the young upstart needs a swift, hard and sharp lesson in discipline through humiliation Added: November 15, 2018 4.25mins

Lucy Lauren

Tags: 4K, Locker Room, Catfights, Clothing Destruction, Office Catfight, Lesdom, KO Ending Office worker Tindra Frost approaches her boss to ask why her wages are short this week. It seems the manager has decided to dock Tindra for lateness and although Tindra had explained the circumstances to Lucy, she knew the blonde bitch would do something nasty like this so she came prepared Added: November 8, 2018 4.25mins


Tags: 4K, Redheads, Brunettes, Catfight Fetish, Clothing Destruction, Female Wrestling, KO Ending WPC Kay brings the prisoner in to the interview room. With her handcuffs removed the prisoner sees a chance to fight back. Who knows, if she manages to take out the police officer, she could escape and the officer doesn't seem to be a match for her. She rushes towards the police officer Added: November 1, 2018 3.34mins

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